Monster ™ is one of the leading lifestyle brand for gamers

       The green monster eye represents the Monster’s personality which never sleeps and always ready for new adventures. Monster aims to be part of global gamer ecosystem and expanding its operations into new markets globally.

       Monster products ranges from high performance laptops to special gaming accessories. Also Monster offers genuine after sales services and product customisation options for its customers. Together with its proud place in gaming segmeny, Monster also focuses on designers, architects and many others who need high-performing laptop for their work.

       Monster has 5 different product lines and all lines are named after monsters in Turkish mythology. ABRA is a deep sea dragon and represents the Entry level gaming laptops. Tulpar is a flying horse and represents the high performing laptops with powerful CPUs and GPUs. Markut is legendary eagle and represents the workstation segment. Huma is a legendary small bird that flies forever and represents the business line products. And Semruk is a two-headed eagle that is mighty and powerful and represents the special series that supports two onboarded GPUs at a time.

        Founded in 2005 and head-quartered in Istanbul. Monster has 5 stores and 2 offices in Berlin and Dubai.


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