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About Us

Fokus Computer

         Fokus Computer is a Turkey based, high performance Laptop Computer produver, established in 2000. Fokus Computer started Computer production in 2003 and created the Monster brand in 2005. The Company, after creating its own brand, has continued only to produce its own Laptop computers under its own brand since 2007 till tolday.

          Within the body of Fokus Computer, Monster branded Laptop computers are produced and the technical service of these products are carried out by Monster technical service

 Meet The Family

Monster Notebook

         Monster is a brand of Fokus Computer created in 2005. Lexical meaning of Monster is Canavar in Turkish and the Company as a producer has adapted this framework and has opened a new page in laptop computer market in terms of performance. Monster, starting out with the objective of bringing together the highest level laptop components in terms speed and performance has become one of the leading brands in Turkey in very short period of time. Although Monster computers are defined as Gaming laptop computers. they have also become a significant reason for preference for the program user requiring high performance.

         The laptop computers produced by Monster, are separated into two group as, Gaming Series and Work Station Series.